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Summary CMS that is based on the information flow and IA principles
Categories None
License Apache License
Owner(s) moedusa, ubs

Project summary

IAMS [Information Architecture Management System] is a content management system that is based on the knowledge flow and information architecture principles.


Our mission is to improve the process of data organization and knowledge flow in the web-site, intranet and personal data solutions.


IAMS is being designed to include the knowledge management and data categorisation techniques that are widely known among IA (information architecture) and UX (user experience) communities, but are yet seldom acknoledged in the general developer community.


  • Visitor profiles (user scenarios) based taxonomy and navigation
  • Content-tagging and content metadata repository
  • Integration with outer resources and sites (Distributed IA)
  • Reports on the visitors' behaviour and activity patterns
  • Its AI called Eddie.
  • It's hard to use.

Software requirements

  • PHP 4.3.x
  • MySQL 3.23.x

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